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Finishing Products


We carry three different types of buffs.


All J. H. Lowe buffs are 9" in diameter, 1/2" arbor hole and have one row of stitching around the arbor hole.

bullet Tripoli Buffs consist of 72 ply's of 80/80muslin. It is the stiffest linen buff on the market. It was made by a special order and is used with either green or red Tripoli compound for very rough work on Vulcanite, Bakelite, Lucite, metal or raw Briar.
bullet Semi-Wax Buff is 41 ply's of alternating sheets of 80/80 muslin and 80/80 flannel material. It is used to apply white polish compound or carnauba wax to shine the stem or briar surfaces.
bullet All-Flannel Buff is 28 ply's of double sided 80/80 flannel material. It is the softest buff on the market and is used to apply carnauba wax or to give the final shining to the wax for an high gloss shine.

All of the above buffs are Open Hole Buffs or Bolted by request.

bullet Open Hole Buffs should be ordered if you are mounting and trimming them to balance to your motor's arbor.
bullet Bolted Buffs* are mounted with a 3/8"-16 threaded machine screw in the buff's arbor  hole and will be ready to trim & use on a J. H. Lowe All Purpose Arbor or equivalent equipment.  

Please request Bolts for any buffing wheel but only if you have the J. H. Lowe All Purpose Arbor or equivalent equipment.

NOTE: Tripoli Buffs are normally trimmed straight across. We will trim bolted Buffs, angled or straight across, if so requested for an extra fee of  $5.00 additional for each buff trimmed.

Please order by the catalog number shown below.


 Buffs Untrimmed - W/O Bolt  Buffs  - W/ Bolt






 Tripoli Buff

TRP BF $25.00   Tripoli Buff TRP BF BLT  $30.00

 Semi-Wax Buff

SW BF $18.00  Semi-Wax Buff SW BF BLT  $23.00

  All-Flannel Buff

FL BF $15.00    All-Flannel Buff FL BF BLT  $20.00



Compounds & Waxes


Green Tripoli - the most abrasive Tripoli used to clean discolored Vulcanite stems more quickly. Care should be exercised on delicate finishes and sharp edges. This compound was formulated for J. H. Lowe for Buffing raw Vulcanite 60 years ago. It is today the foremost and best Vulcanite buffing compound on the market today. The grit used in this compound is volcanic pumice.


Red Tripoli - a mild abrasive used to clean pipes and stem surfaces of all materials like Bakelite, Vulcanite, Lucite, metals, and hardwoods especially Briar Burl. The grit used in this compound is iron oxide.


White Polish Compound - it produces a high luster shine to Vulcanite, Lucite, Bakelite, metals and all other non-porous materials. This compound is commonly known as White Diamond even though there are no diamonds used in it. The grit used in it is aluminum oxide.


Carnauba Wax - use a light or thick coating for a deep high gloss polish and shine for your briar pipe.


Bees Wax- is used to lubricate the tenon on a mouthpiece so it will not squeak in the mortise. You can use it for a low luster finish on smooth or rough pipes. Meerschaum is saturated with it so if you want more in your meerschaum pipe, melt some on the surface and let it soak in. The pipe will darken quicker. It can be used to repel moisture from the tenon/mortise area of a shank on a briar pipe.


NEW DeLuxe Buffing Wheel Rake - 4 Rows of Sharp Tines that will clean and soften any wheel from excessive compound or wax. Steel Tines mounted on a heavy duty hardwood handle. It's for a 2 hand operation for safety for the operator.



Description Catalog No. Price
Green Tripoli (2-1/2 lb bar)* 280 Grit Pumice Ash GRN TRIP $10.00/ bar
Red Tripoli (2-1/2 lb bar)* 400 Grit Iron Oxide RED TRIP $10.00/ bar
White Polish Compound (3 lb bar)* 1200 Grit Aluminum Oxide  WH POL $13.00/ bar
Carnauba Wax-1 biscuit (1/8 lb)* Finish Coat Shine CWAX - 2 $5.00/ 2 oz
Carnauba Wax-2 biscuits (1/4 lb)* Finish Coat Shine CWAX - 4 $8.00/ 4 oz
Carnauba Wax Flaked (1 lb)* Finish Coat Shine CWAX-LB $25.00/ lb
Bees Wax-1 biscuit (1/8 lb)* Lube Tenons / Meerschaum Coating BWAX-2 $3.00/ 2 oz
Bees Wax-2 biscuits(1/4 lb)* Lube Tenons / Meerschaum Coating BWAX-4 $5.00/ 4 oz
J. H. Lowe Heavy Duty Buffing Wheel Rake  *** NEW*** BWRAKE $19.95

*weights will vary and are not exact.




9"x11" Aluminum Oxide Wet-Dry Sand Paper Sheets.


Description Catalog No.

Price /sheet

Price / 8 sheets

180 grit  SAND 180 $1.45 ea $10.75 /8
240 grit SAND 240 $1.35 ea $9.95 /8
320 grit SAND 320 $1.30 ea $9.75 /8
400 grit SAND 400 $1.30 ea $9.75 /8



Stains (not available)

Alcohol soluble stain powders available in four colors:




French (reddish color)






Each color packet in set will make approximately one pint of stain. Instructions included.


Description Catalog No. Price
Set of  4 color stain powder 4 STAIN


Stain by the ounce


* Not Available


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