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Send Order Form to: Tim West Pipes/JH Lowe & Co.
                                      1588 Grayling Ct.
                                     Columbus, Ohio 43235


List pipes by maker or description, then describe the problem for each pipe.

6. (More Pipes List on Back of sheet)                                                                                                         
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Ohio Residents add 7.5%  Sales Tax Total $               (includes shipping costs)

Accepted Payments - Visa, MC, AX, DISC, Paypal, Check, Money Order.
Credit Card Type:               Credit Card #:                                                                                  Signature:                                                          Exp. Date:        /          
Security Code for VISA MC DISC 3 #'s on back _ _ _   Security Code for AX 4 #'s front _ _ _ _
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PayPal acct. address for transfers: Order@JhLowe.com  or  Info@JhLowe.com

Shipping requirements:
How do you want your pipes returned? (Circle one)  USPS or UPS
How do you want it shipped? (Circle one) Ground, Airmail or Express (overnight) 
Do you want Insurance? Yes / No Signature upon delivery: Yes / No
Minimum Billing for shipping is $7.95, any shipping weight above minimum is exact cost.

*Fill in the charge card number info if sending in by US mail.      

*Do not fill in Charge Card Box if sending by e-mail please phone in the number.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Catalog # Quantity Units


Unit price Total



Shipping chg. $6.95




Local County  Sales Tax Due


 Total Due


*VISA, MC, AM. X., DINERS & DISCOVER - call 614-761-3465 with chg. number.

PayPal transfer payments accepted to email addresses: order@jhlowe.com  &  info@jhlowe.com 

**Shipping minimum $7.95, actual shipping charges due on packages above Minimum Shipping Weight. 


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