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Tobacco Pipe Repairs

Send your Pipes for Repair to:

Tim West / Jh Lowe & Co.

1588 Grayling Ct.
 Columbus, Ohio  43235-5950

 614-761-3465 Tel/Fax

List pipes by maker or description, then describe the problem for each pipe.

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Ohio Residents add 7.5%  Sales Tax Total $               (includes tax on shipping costs)

Accepted Payments - VISA, MC, AX, DISC, Paypal, Check, or Money Order.
Credit Card Type:               Credit Card #:                                                                                  Signature:                                                          Exp. Date:        /          
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PayPal acct. address for transfers: Order@JhLowe.com  or  Info@JhLowe.com

Shipping requirements:
How do you want your pipes returned? (Circle one)  USPS or UPS
How do you want it shipped? (Circle one) Ground, Airmail or Express (overnight) 
Do you want Insurance? Yes / No   Signature upon delivery: Yes / No
Minimum Billing for shipping is $7.95, any shipping weight above minimum is exact cost.


Page Instructions:

Select File from your browser menu and select print then click on it. After the repairs form has printed, describe pipes sent and the repairs needed in the description area and fill out the customer information area. You can use the repair cost pages to determine the actual or estimated costs for you order. Finally address the package with the address at the top or bottom of this page. All pipe makes will be expertly repaired and returned in a couple weeks or less. Ohio residents add 7.5% Sales Tax to your Total. Owners of the repairs must request tracking, insurance with signature and/or any other special handling services available from USPS or UPS or your package will be shipped to the return address given with the same shipping services as it was sent to Tim West Pipe Repairs. Shipping & handling costs will be the actual shipping costs when the shipping charges go above the $7.95 minimum. This will normally happen at 13 oz's and above in weight. Tim West or JH Lowe & Co. will not be held responsible for any lost package or damage to any of the contents by the return shipping business being shipped to or from us. All responsibility is with the Owner for any damage to any or all of the contents or any package being returned that becomes lost by the delivering company is also with the owner. Please request any or all the services available to you from the chosen shipping service for your package to be returned to you in good order.

Standard Pipe Repairs

Hard Rubber*          " Regular-Large $ 20.00
Hard Rubber*          " Extra Large $ 24.00
Hard Rubber*          " Twin bore  (if available) $ 24.00
Hard Rubber*          " 7-9"  Churchwarden $ 26.00
Hard Rubber*          " Freehand  Danish $ 24.00
Acrylic Lucite* std. black & colors  Small, Medium, Large $ 24.00
Acrylic Lucite*    "       "            " Ex Lg  Standard & Danish $ 26.00
Bakelite* std. black, yellow & amber Small, Medium & Large $ 22.00
Bakelite* Fancy yellow & assorted colors Small, Medium & Large $ 24.00
>Bend Stem< (add per each stem ) Any stem needing bent $   3.00
Special Cut/Danish Style Vulcanite or Lucite $   10.00 & up
Delrin Tenon Plug in Stem Refit bit w/new tenon $ 18.00
Savinelli Triangular 6mm Filter Tenon Special Custom Made $ 24.00
Briar Plug Patch hole in bowl heel $ 20.00
Nickel Silver band-S Short - regular $ 18.00
Nickel Silver band-L Long - special $ 24.00
Sterling Silver Band-S Short - regular $ 32.00
Sterling Silver Band-L Long - Special $ 39.00
Ream, Clean & Polish Cut cakes, re-drill, refreshed $ 10.00 & up
Refinish pipe bowl Sand, Stain & Polish $ 25.00 & up
Mortise Sleeve   Briar or Delrin Insert $ 20.00 & up
Dunhill White Dot / Savinelli Brass Dot 1/16" $ 10.00
Barling Cross, Peterson P - Stem Stamping White $ 10.00
Charatan Cp - Stem Stamping White $ 10.00
New GBD, Jobey, Etc. Logos Metal $ 25.00
GBD, Ashton & other metal logos Transfer Logo to new stem $ 10.00
Jobey Link replacement Factory or  Custom link $ 18.00
Broken shank rejoined Inner tube $ 20.00 & up
New Briar shank w/new bit Inner tube $ 45.00 & up
New Briar shank w/original bit Inner tube $ 30.00 & up
Top off bowl Flatten or shorten top $ 15.00
Crack line bowl per 1 pin Refinished and pinned $ 20.00 & up
Peterson System bit (No Logo) (if available) $ 35.00
Peterson Std bit or Tankard (No Logo) (if available) $ 25.00
Tighten & polish stem Any stem material $   5.00
Calabash Meerschaum Bowls New Cup fitted $ 48.00 & up
Cut shank - shorten  Bore & shoulder & square $ 15.00
Extra thin or fantail custom cut Vulcanite or Lucite $ 10.00 & up
Caminetto style Lucite bit Custom cut not factory $ 10.00 extra
Push Pull connections replaced Meerschaum pipes $ 18.00
Bone fittings removed Meerschaum & Stems  $ 10.00 & up
Pipe duplication Pipes beyond repair Price quote
New Aluminum fittings installed Male/Female (if available) $ 15.00
Transfer original Alum. fittings (male) to new stem $   5.00
Repairs not listed above Call Tim @ 614-761-3465 Price quote
    As you would expect, I do pipe repairs with the utmost care for every pipe in my care. Unfortunately, due to the fragile nature of Briar , Meerschaum and other materials used to make pipes, all responsibility is with the owner for any damage done to a pipe during the repair process. Any undisclosed breakage or shank cracks will be repaired at the owner's cost before proceeding with the requested repairs. Minimum Reaming and Cleaning will be done at no charge to benefit a better stem fit and final bowl polish.

   Tim West Pipe Repairs or JH Lowe & Co. will not be held responsible for any lost package or damage to any contents by the shipping company coming to or returning from Tim West Pipe Repairs or back to the owner. It is your responsibility for insurance coverage on your Pipe Repairs. Please request insurance, if necessary, back to you. Otherwise, it will be shipped back to you without insurance coverage. 

Thank you for your business,

Tim West Pipe Repairs
1588 Grayling Ct.
Columbus, Ohio 43235-5950


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Last modified: April 8, 2017